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Polyamory Zip Hoodie, Unisex

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I often think about the whole "being out" thing when it comes to polyamory. If you're not out, how do you let people know you're polyamorous?

This symbol represents polyamory, and it also means infinite love as a general concept, so it works for people who are not out but want to start conversations with other polyam folks.

This is a fashion fitted hoodie, so order one size larger for a more traditional fit.

Size guide

Chest to Fit (inches) 31-34 34-37 38-41 42-45 46-49 50-53
      • We are dedicated to serving the LGBTQ+ and Polyamory communities.
      • We aim to represent all forms of polyamorous relationships.
      • We provide a safe space for the marginalized members of our community.
      • We are committed to raising consciousness about love and sex-positive behaviors through the healthy representation of lifestyles.

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